General Plan Update

The City is currently updating its General Plan, a key planning document that will shape the future of your community by providing direction for growth and change in Placentia. The General Plan will include goals, policies and implementation actions addressing important community needs ranging from land use and mobility, to public safety. Some of the newer General Plan elements include Economic Development, Sustainability and Health and Wellness.

Every city in California has a General Plan; however the City of Placentia's current General Plan is outdated. The updated General Plan will comprehensively revisit the community's priorities and establish a vision for the next 25 years. The General Plan will include goals, policies, and implementation actions addressing several topics. Some of these topics are required by state law and others will be included based upon input from the community.

Draft General Plan


Land Use Element

Mobility Element

Housing Element

Conservation Element

Open Space & Recreation

Safety Element

Noise Element

Economic Development Element

Health, Wellness & Environmental Justice Element

Sustainability Element

General Plan Environmental Information

Response to Draft EIR Comments

Memo-RE: Final EIR Impacts (9-20-19)

Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program (MMRP)

NOC - EIR - General Plan Update

NOA - EIR - General Plan Update

Placentia General Plan Draft EIR - Vol. 1

Draft EIR Appendices Cover and Table of Contents - Vol. 2

Appendix 1

Appendix 2 (AQA)

Appendix 3 (Hydrology)

Appendix 4 (Noise)

Appendix 5 (Traffic)

Appendix 6 (Sanitary Sewer Master Plan)

Office of Planning and Research - Notice of Preparation General Plan EIR (PDF)

NOP - EIR - General Plan Update County Clerk Recorded (PDF)

Existing General Plan

  The existing General Plan is a compilation of the required elements, and those elements have been approved by the City Council over several decades. While some of the elements are very old, the documents below are considered the most current adopted General Plan until the ongoing General Plan Update is completed.

1973 Open Space Element (PDF)
1974 Noise Element (PDF)
1975 Seismic Safety Element (PDF)1982 Circulation Element (PDF)
1988 Parks & Recreation Element (PDF)
1989 Land Use Element (PDF)
1992 Growth Management Element (PDF)
2013 Housing Element
2009 General Plan Land Use Map (PDF)