Oversight Board to Successor Agency

The Oversight Board of the Successor Agency to the Redevelopment Agency for the City of Placentia is a required function due to the implementation of Assembly Bill X1 26 which dissolved all redevelopment agencies effective February 1, 2012.

Upon dissolution, Successor Agencies were formed to wind down the former redevelopment agency functions. On January 17, 2012 the City Council elected to become both the Successor Agency and the Housing Successor Agency to handle all low and moderate housing functions of the former agency.

Under Health and Safety Code § 34179, all Successor Agencies are to have an Oversight Board comprised of seven (7) members representing various taxing agencies to include the City, County, Community Colleges, County Department of Education and the largest taxing entity in the former redevelopment area.

Meetings are generally held the second Wednesday of the month, unless cancelled due to lack of business. It is important to check the Most Recent Agenda link above because if there are no items for a meeting, the meeting will be canceled due to lack of business.

Oversight Board Membership

For a downloadable public roster of the Oversight Board for Placentia, please view the Public Roster (PDF).

Mr. James Harman, Chair (representing Board of Supervisors)
Mr. Craig Green (Placentia Mayor appointment)
[Vacant] (Placentia Mayor appointment - employee representative)
Ms. David Giordano (Orange County Department of Education appointment)
Mr. Al Shkoler (Placentia Library District appointment)
Mr. Rodrigo Garcia (CSU Chancellor appointment)

Agendas, Staff Reports and Approved Matters

The Oversight Board agendas can be found by clicking in the light blue "Agenda" box in the upper right hand corner. Complete packets, with staff reports, are available at least 72 hours prior to a meeting. Historical agendas and packets will remain available for public review.

At this time, meetings are scheduled as needed on the second Wednesday of each month, unless otherwise posted at least 72 hours in advance. All meetings will be held in the Placentia City Council Chambers at 401 E. Chapman Avenue, Placentia, California 92870. For view the map.

Public Records of Agendas, Packets and Mintues

All records related to Oversight Board meetings are posted to the City's Public Record Laserfiche system. To access the system to find files related to the Oversight Board, please view Public Records.

Transmittal Documents to Department of Finance

The Successor Agency is required to transmit actions by the Oversight Board to the Department of Finance within three (3) business days after the meeting. The City is closed on Fridays so the City will transmit such data by the following Tuesday at close of business.

For the Successor Agency website with additional information, please visit the Successor Agency website. This page is dedicated to the Oversight Board and therefore will contain information only related to the Oversight Board and its actions, to include agendas and action minutes. Statutorily required information per AB X1 26 such as Recognized Obligation Payment Schedules are maintained on the Successor Agency website.

For more information on the Oversight Board or related functions, please call (714) 993-8117.