Placentia's Fire and EMS Services

Information on Placentia's Fire Protection and Emergency Medical Services 

Dear Neighbors:

Public Safety is the City’s top priority. For the past 23 years, the City has contracted with Orange County Fire Authority (OCFA) to provide local fire and emergency medical services to our residents. As our local population continues to age and the calls for corresponding medical services have increased -- now constituting nearly 80% of calls for service -- and as wildfire hazards have become deadlier, cities have substantially modified the way they prepare for fire hazards, the service model used to deliver Placentia’s life-saving fire and emergency medical services must evolve as well. The City seeks to maintain and enhance rapid medical emergency response times and ensure a high level of these life-saving services over the long-term, for our residents.

Since 2009, the City’s costs with OCFA have grown by 47%, with no change in service levels being provided to our residents. At the same time, the City’s operating budget has only grown by 12%. Also important to note that during this same time period, the Placentia Police Department has experienced a 9% decrease in its operating budget. Placentia has a responsibility to its residents to ensure local fire and paramedic models are continually improving, high quality, and fiscally sustainable, to ensure proper spending priorities on services to our residents.

Towards this end, the City will be undertaking a competitive process to solicit proposals from qualified service providers for fire protection services and emergency medical services to ensure the City can maintain AND enhance rapid emergency response programs well into the future, when considering our population and community’s needs.

Potential service or cost efficiencies will also enable the City to invest more robustly in proactive law enforcement safety approaches, which our public has said is a priority. The City views public safety in a holistic approach that includes not only fire protection services but also our local Police Department, which includes proactive community policing, investigation, gang reduction and intervention efforts and other ways of preventing crime before it happens.

As we continue to evaluate modern and efficient fire protection and paramedic models, we encourage you to visit for updates and more information.

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