Urban Forest Management Program 

The City's Pulic Works Department is responsible for the maintenance, protection and expansion of the City's Urban Forest. Placentia's urban forest is a valuable segment of the community's infrastructure and ecosystem. The City's urban forest is comprised of over 7,000 trees located along public streets or within public parks and property. These trees provide a wealth of social, economical and environmental benefits to City residents and visitors, from shade and beauty to air quality, carbon reduction and stormwater management. A healthy, sustained urban forest, carefully managed and cared for, will contribute significantly to the economic and environmental well-being of the City.

Urban Forest Management

Recognizing the value and benefits of the Urban Forest, the City developed a coordinated and adaptive approach to the care and maintenance of our trees. On May 7, 2019, the City Council adopted the City's first Urban Forest Management Plan. The Plan identifies long-term preservation and enhancement objectives and key management considerations including pruning standards, forest expansion, infrastructure maintenance, environmental resources, land use, aesthetics and community objectives. This guiding document includes best practices, technologies, and city policies while allowing for future revision to maintain its relevance for the next 20 years. The Plan will be evaluated and revised periodically to reflect evolving conditions, new information, and updated best management practices. By planning for the urban forest, the City will ensure that it maintains this valuable resource, an investment that will provide consistent returns well into the future. Through implementation of this Plan, the City strives to promote a safe, healthy, and diverse urban forest by preserving, managing and enhancing tree resources, while promoting active community participation through public education and outreach.

To view and download the City's Urban Forest Management Plan, please visit: 

Tree Maintenance

The City's Facilities, Parks and Landscape Maintenance Division provides tree care and maintenance for City-owned trees in the public right-of-way and City Parks including routine trimming, planting and removal of dead and diseased trees.  Tree trimming is performed to maintain shape, remove dead or diseased limbs and remove potential hazards to pedestrians, cyclists, vehicular traffic, buses and emergency vehicles. The Facilities, Parks, and Landscape Maintenance Division organizes, plans and oversees the annual tree maintenance program. 

Tree Pruning Schedule 

In 2017, the City implemented a new four-year tree grid pruning cycle. To view the City's current pruning schedule, please visit: Citywide Tree Pruning Cycle

To report dying, diseased, and/or dangerous trees:

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