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Old Town Santa Fe District Metrolink Station
Old Town Santa Fe District Metrolink Station
Placentia-Westgate Specific Plan
The City has been working with the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) for a number of years to secure the necessary funding to design and construct a Metrolink Station in the City’s downtown business area often referred to as Old Town Placentia or Placita Santa Fe. In August 2014, OCTA approved $23 million in state and local funds to complete the necessary funding for the Station.

OCTA is the required railroad agreements with BNSF and other railroad agencies to build the station and the project is anticipated to go out to bid in late 2015. The station is expected to take 18-24 months to complete and will include the installation of a third rail line in order to allow freight trains to bypass waiting trains at the station. To view a presentation on the Metrolink Station that was presented by OCTA, please click here.

Downtown and Metrolink Parking
Image of Potential Parking Structure
35% Design Image of Potential Parking Structure
In 2001, the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) started a regional visioning process that culminated in a strategy for regional growth that would accommodate the coming growth while providing for livability, mobility, prosperity, and sustainability. This visioning process, which became known as a “Compass Blueprint,” was intended to promote a stronger link between transportation and land use planning at both regional and local scales so that growth is directed toward areas that offer mobility and transportation choices.

Beginning in 2003, the five North Orange County Cities (NOCC) of Brea, Fullerton, La Habra, Placentia and Yorba Linda received a grant to participate in a Compass Blueprint study to explore opportunities for transit-oriented development around an emerging high-capacity transit system. The study resulted in a comprehensive report addressing the long-range needs for parking, pedestrian circulations, multi-modal transit access, commercial intensification, and public gathering areas of a proposed Metrolink Station in the City’s historic downtown area. The report found that there was a need for a parking structure to support multi-modal transit access, existing commercial businesses and future economic opportunities.

The Parking Structure as a Catalyst for Economic Development
Potential Street Scene with Retail Development
Numerous studies have been performed over the years on the downtown area and how to best revitalize it. Study after study has revealed that the economic future of the downtown is invariably linked to the availability of adequate parking. The goal in pursuing a parking structure is to ensure that there is sufficient parking for Metrolink Station patrons, downtown businesses, their employees and the residents that live above the commercial businesses along Santa Fe Avenue. The current surface parking plan proposed by OCTA reduces parking for downtown businesses and residents and could create future parking competition as ridership numbers increase at the Metrolink Station. Without access to adequate parking, potential customers that would otherwise shop and dine at our local businesses and restaurants may go elsewhere if parking is limited.

Structured parking adds diversity by allowing the automobile to co-exist with other forms of mobility, in contrast to sprawling surface parking, which inhibits other mobility, notably pedestrian. When parking structures become a destination, and a ‘park once’ policy is employed, it encourages linking pedestrian trips to a variety of venues. Ultimately this helps create future economic opportunities, as well as the potential to generate greater income for downtown businesses and, more importantly, the economic vitality of the City overall.

For more information, please contact the Development Services Department at (714) 993-8127

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