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Parks and Public Landscape Maintenance

Keeping Placentia Beautiful
The Park and Public Landscape Maintenance Division oversees the maintenance of 16 City Parks, playground maintenance and repairs, tree trimming, as well as the Landscape Maintenance District and City-owned landscaping such as medians and parkways. This maintenance work is accomplished primarily through existing landscape maintenance and tree trimming contracts. 

The Parks and Public Landscape Maintenance division is also responsible for

  • Installing and repairing irrigation systems  
  • Performing graffiti removal in parks, city-owned buildings and public-right-of-way
  • Performing chemical spraying
  • Tree trimming services
  • Park restroom janitorial services
  • Landscape renovation projects

To report any park or public landscape maintenance issues, please contact us.

Tree Maintenance Program
On April 4, 2017, the City Council approved a new policy whereby the City will once again assume maintenance responsibilities for residential parkway trees. As part of that decision, the City Council approved a Citywide four-year tree trimming cycle. The cycle includes Citywide trimming of residential parkway trees as well as park medians and parkway trees. In addition, City Council directed Staff to rescind the City’s current Ordinance 132 adopted in 1954, which placed the ownership of parkway trees on adjacent property owners and recommend a new tree maintenance program to assume maintenance and replacement of all residential parkway trees. In the fall, Staff will present a draft ordinance to the City Council for its review consideration. The proposed tree ordinance will govern how the City’s Urban Forest is managed and maintained.

Citywide Four-Year Tree Trimming Cycle
Each year parkway trees in a designated district will be trimmed to prevent unnecessary damage during storms, protect pedestrians and motorists from low hanging branches, promote the health of parkway trees, and ensure that trees are aesthetically pleasing. Trimming work is done in accordance with professional arboriculture standards and is scheduled for  the dormant season to avoid unnecessary damage or trauma to  the trees. Please click on the following link for the area map and  the project phasing to see what year the trees in  your neighborhood are planned for trimming: Citywide Four-Year Tree Trimming Cycle Map.

Landscape Maintenance District
The Landscape Maintenance District is a funding mechanism administered by the City of Placentia used solely for specific landscaping and park maintenance services within designated areas of the City. Funding comes from an annual assessment on each property in the designated vicinity.

Overhead Line Tree Clearance
Trees, shrubs, and other vegetation can cause safety hazards and power outages if they grow into or near power lines. In support of safety, SCE regularly trim or remove trees that are dead, dying, or diseased, or growing near or under power lines. If your trees have grown into or near power lines, pruning requires the expertise of a qualified line-clearance arborist. To report trees growing into or near power lines, call SCE at 1-800-655-4555. 

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