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How To Report A Crime
Put by your phone the following phone numbers:

  • Emergency - 911
  • Non - Emergency Police - Placentia Police: 714-993-8164 followed by phone tree option 9.
  • Non - Emergency Fire - 714-744-0400
  • 211 offers comprehensive information and referrals linking Orange County residents to community health and human services and support.  Alternative phone number is 1-888-600-4357.  Web site is
  • Hospital Emergency Number (depends upon your health plan).
  • Veterinarian Emergency number (obtain from your veterinarian).
  • Animal Hospital Emergency Number (consult your veterinarian).

When To Call 911

  • If you see a person or vehicle that looks suspicious in your neighborhood.
  • If someone is seriously injured.
  • If you see someone hurt and needs help.
  • If you see someone acting suspiciously, stealing, or breaking into a home or building.
  • If you see smoke or fire.
  • If someone is hurting someone else.
  • If someone is taking something which is not theirs.
  • If you believe emergency assistance may be needed 

How to handle a 911 call.

  • Try to stay calm.
  • Know your location.  The 911 operator will ask you for your address.
  • Know the location of the emergency.
  • Know the number you are calling from.
  • Wait for the call-taker to ask questions, then answer clearly and calmly.
  • If you reach a recording, listen carefully to what it says.
  • Let the call-taker guide the conversation.
  • Follow all directions you are given.
  • Keep your eyes open. You may be asked to describe who and what is involved.
  • Do NOT hang up the call until you are directed to by the 911 operator!

Tip: Let the dispatch operator know that you do not want a responding police officer going to your home if you think someone might take action against you.  If you think there might be any possibility of retribution, consider seriously making that request.

When NOT to call 911.

  • In the event of a natural disaster or wide scale emergency minimize your 911 calls unless it is a life-threatening police, medical or fire emergency.
  • Never call 911 for information!
  • Never call 911 as a joke!

Did You Know When You Call 911?

If you call 911 you will be asked to give your address.  This might sound a little odd because many people have heard that 911 operators have a database of almost every person calling, which includes address.  The 911 operator or police dispatch operator is required to ask for your address. The reason is simple. No database is completely accurate.  When they send out an officer, they want to make sure the address is correct.  Please be ready to give that information.

How To Be A Good Witness

If you are intimidated from calling 911 or you do not have access to a phone to report what you think is suspicious person or activity you should resort to writing down what you see and try to include the following facts.  (You do not need all these, just try to include what you can).
  • Date
  • Time
  • Location
    • Street
    • Closest house number
    • Nearest cross street
  • Description of person (Your best estimate).
    • Skin color
    • Hair color
    • How tall
    • Estimate weight
    • What is the person wearing?
    • Any distinguishing characteristics? (Intoxicated, limps, stopped posture, etc.)
  • Description of vehicle.
    • Type vehicle (Bus, truck, van, car, motorcycle, etc.)
    • License number (MOST IMPORTANT)
    • Color of vehicle.
  • Direction the person or vehicle took leaving the area.

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Placentia, CA 92870
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