Fire Plan Submittal Guidelines

As of March 1, 2023, the Fire Plan Submission Requirements have changed. Please refer to our new Fire Plan Submission requirements and directions below. 

For All Submittals

  1. Refer to the Fire Plan Examination Submission Requirements Document (Fire Plan Submission Requirements Handout). 
  2. Download the Fire Plan Check Application and fill out the form with the relevant information.
  3. For pricing you may refer to our Fire Fees. 
  4. Submit the following items in separate PDF format files to (a) complete fire plan check application, (b) fire construction plans, (c) technical reports from specialized consultants (if applicable), (d) hydraulic calculations (if required), (e) specifications and cut sheets, and (f) contractor license and contact information. 
  5. The plan check fee must be paid prior to the commencement of the plan check review. You will receive an email confirmation of receipt for your plan submittal package with the associated fire fees. Payment is accepted in person at City Hall. Provide a copy of your receipt to so we can begin your plan review. 
  6. Once the plans have been reviewed and approved you will be notified via email of the next steps. 

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