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The Successor Agency to the former Redevelopment Agency of the City of Placentia seeks to ensure that all of its actions are transparent and open to residents and to the interested public. For current information related to the Successor Agency, please check online. The list of documents provide through this page is not an entire list and documents will be added as developed or requested. For additional public record search ability for Redevelopment Agency documents, please go to the City's public record search page

AB 987 Database

Per Assembly Bill 987 (Chapter 690, 2007) as codified in California Health and Safety Code Section 33418(c), the Agency is responsible to post on the City's website a list of housing units constructed, rehabilitated, or otherwise assisted with Agency Low and Moderat Income Housing Funds. These are not units that are available for rental or ownership - only units assisted by the Agency - please do not contact or disturb the occupants. To see a list of available rental affordable housing units as mainted by the Orange County Housing Authority, please click visit the website. To view the AB 987 database, please read AB 987  (PDF).

Letters to County Auditor-Controller or State on SERAF Payments

To read letters sent to the respective agencies:

May 10, 2010 SERAF letter to County Auditor-Controller (PDF)
May 10, 2011 SERAF letter to County Auditor-Controller (PDF)

Former RDA Documents

The Successor Agency attempts to post annual reports, implementation plans, external audits and budget documents for the former agency, among other documents, to ensure public access. Please note that these documents are no longer created as the redevelopment agency has ceased to exist. If you do not find a former redevelopment document you are looking for through the links provide, please contact the Successor Agency at (714) 993-8242. Please note that documents related to the Successor Agency are located online.

Former RDA Budget Documents

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Fomer RDA External Audits

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Former RDA Bond Documents

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Former Redevelopment Agency Annual Reports

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Former RDA Five-Year Implementation Plans

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Former RDA Statement of Indebtedness

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