Building Permit Application

Once planning and zoning clearance is obtained, a building permit application and plans will be submitted to the City Building Division for review. A property owner, California licensed contractor, or authorized agent for the owner shall complete and sign the application. Please call (714) 993-8124 for more information.

Plan Submittals

Projects That Require Plan Submittal include but are not limited to:

  • Photovoltaic System (Solar) Installations
  • Room Additions and Extensive Remodels
  • Commercial and Industrial Tenant Improvements
  • Wireless Communication Facilities
  • Permanent Identification Signs
  • Pool and Spa (pre-site required on new construction and remodel)

Over the Counter Plan Checks:

  • Walls/Fences (standard details available for submittal)
  • Roofing (with a weight load below 6 lbs.)
  • Remodeling (Depending on the extent of remodeling, two sets of plans are required to show full scope of proposed construction.)

At a minimum, required plans shall include:

  • Three (3) sets of plans drawn to scale and correctly dimensioned with a wet stamp and wet signature by a California licensed Architect or Engineer.
  • Two (2) sets of structural calculations wet stamped and wet signed by a California licensed Engineer.
  • Two (2) sets of Title 24 Energy calculations.

Please Note: Some residential plans may be on 11" x 17" paper as long as the print is clear and legible. Most commercial and industrial plans will need to be printed on 24" x 36" paper.

The following information shall be provided on the plans:

  • Property owner's name, job address, name and address of person who prepared the plans, legal description.
  • Square footage of dwelling, garage, storage, covered patio, etc. on first sheet of plans.
  • Number of sheets in sequence (1 of 5, 2 of 5, etc.).
  • Name and address of construction lender shall be shown on application prior to issuance of permit.
  • Provide fully dimensioned scaled plot plan, showing location of all structures and pool on lot. Identify all property lines. Show north arrow. Show all proposed and/or existing setbacks.
  • Show dimensions of all projections (eaves, balconies, fireplaces, etc.).
  • Provide floor plan of existing structure and proposed addition. Show all windows and doors and use of each room.
  • Clearly indicate what is new construction, existing (to remain), and existing (to be removed) on plans.
  • Provide foundation plan for proposed addition and foundation plan for existing structure directly adjacent and affected by the addition.
  • Provide typical framing sections including roof and floor framing.
  • Provide roof plan showing the slopes and location of valleys, hips, roof and ridge lines. Also, indicate roofing materials.
  • Provide all exterior building elevations and the building elevations affected by the addition. Show all exterior materials used.
  • Incorporate any additional information requested by the Department of Development Services.

Photovoltaic System Submittal Requirements

The Development Services Department shall review each photovoltaic system installation and Solar collector(s) shall be tested and approved by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (I.A.P.M.O.), the City of Los Angeles Solar Collecting Testing Laboratory or other agency approved by the Chief Building Official. Compliance shall be required with the latest adopted Uniform Building and Uniform Solar Energy Codes.

The applicant shall submit the following items:

  1. Two (2) sets of structural calculations wet stamped and wet signed by a licensed California Engineer.
  2. Two (2) sets of plans wet stamped and wet signed by a licensed California Engineer or Architect, dimensioned and drawn to scale which include the following:

(A) Property lines of all lots (a copy of the certified site plan may be used);

(B) Location of units on lot, showing direction and pitch of roofs;

(C) North arrow;

(D) Proposed location of solar collector(s) and appurtenances, with the method of installation shown and detailed;

(E) A sample or depiction of the solar collector(s) and appurtenances;

(F) Professionally drawn construction details drawn to scale and clearly showing all elevations, assemblies, attachments to the roof structures and proposed locations on the lot or building. A manufacturer's schematic diagram may be used, if installations are consistent with the diagram. Only one (1) schematic diagram is necessary of all the installations are of one typical design;

(G) Calculations verifying the number and/or area of solar collector(s) required;

(H) Photographs showing the proposed location of the solar collector(s) and appurtenances and the location's visibility from neighboring structures and public streets;

(I) The location of proposed or existing landscape material which may shade the solar collector(s);

(J) Upon request by the Director of Development Services, alternative combinations of solar collectors in smaller groupings when large areas of grouped solar collectors adversely impact neighborhood aesthetics.

Domestic Hot Water Heating Systems

Solar collector(s) for domestic hot water heating systems shall be able in provide a minimum of fifty percent (50%) year round efficiency for domestic hot water heating systems, based upon the solar water storage tank(s) being equivalent in capacity to the conventional water heater. For buildings where central water heating systems are used, a minimum of twenty (20) gallons of hot water per bedroom per day shall be provided. Manufacturer's specifications (including efficiency data) shall be submitted along with proof of certification by one of the above listed agencies.

All solar collector installations shall meet the requirements of Section 20.48.060. (Ord. O-2002-07, § 1, 2002)

Building Permits

Items not requiring plan check that can be obtained over the counter.

Water heater
Gas line
Heating and Air Conditioning

Inspection requests can be made during business hours by calling the Building Division at (714) 993-8124, 7:30 am to 6:00 pm Monday through Thursday.

Please note that the City does not schedule same day inspections.

Roofing material must be on the job site on the roof sheathing (B1) inspection.