Business License Information

The City of Placentia welcomes new business enterprises, and values the businesses that make Placentia their home. The City strives to be a pleasant place in which to conduct business. As with many cities, the City of Placentia has a Business License Tax to help fund critical municipal services such as police, fire, public works and general government services.

 All businesses operating in the City of Placentia are required to have an annual business license for each of its locations. If you are opening a new business, buying an existing business, or transferring a business to your ownership, you must apply for a new business license under your name.

The State has mandated certain notices that may affect your business. You may review the notices at:

First Time Businesses (Located within City Limits)

First time businesses will need to obtain a Building and Zoning Compliance Application, or an Application for Home Occupation Permit (PDF). The Building and Zoning Compliance Application and Application for Home Occupation Permit will only be approved in person at the Development Services counter at Placentia City Hall, 401 E. Chapman Avenue.

  • - How to register, file and report licenses and permits with California Department of Tax and Fee Administration.
  • - CalGold assists you in finding appropriate permit information for your business.  Also provides contact information for various agencies that administer and issue permits.

Business License Application

The Business License Application (PDF) may also be obtained from the Finance Department in City Hall.

How Much Does a Business License Cost?

All business license fees below include a $4 State CASp fee.

  • Retail Sales or Services
    • In City - $90
    • Outside City - $59
  • Contractors
    • Class A/B
      • In City - $162
      • Outside City - $131
    • Class C/D
      • In City - $117
      • Outside City - $86
  • Professional
    • In City - $117
    • Outside City - $98
  • Home Occupation Permit - $75.56
  • Building & Zoning Permit
    • Major - $340.55
    • Minor - $113.88

Online Renewal

The City of Placentia is pleased to offer existing businesses the ability to renew your business license online. You will need the online pin number which is located at the bottom right corner of your business license renewal notice and the business license number. To renew your business online, please visit the website.

Currently only Contractors, Cost of Doing Business, Exempt, Industrial/Storage, Professionals, Rental Property, Retail Sales, Services, and Wholesale/Manufacturing are allowed this feature.

Informational Brochures

General Information on Business License in the City of PlacentiaBrochure (PDF)
Information Specific for Businesses residing in the City of PlacentiaBrochure (PDF)
Information Specific for Outside Contractors and ProfessionalsBrochure (PDF)

The City of Placentia looks forward to conducting business with you. Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have. For an up to date listing of recent Placentia Businesses, view the archive.