Defining Authority

The Reserve Police Officer Unit is authorized for up to 20 reserve police officers. The reserve police officers are sworn police officers who carry out the same duties as a full-time police officer.

Reserve officers must attend and complete a P.O.S.T. certified Police Academy, the same as full-time police officers. At the completion of the police academy and Reserve Officer Field Training Program, reserve officers carry the same authority and responsibility as regular officers.

Currently, one police sergeant and one full-time officer supervise the Reserve Officers Unit.


The reserve officer's primary function is to supplement the Patrol Division. Reserve officers can work in a one-man patrol vehicle, or in a two-man patrol vehicle partnered with another sworn officer. Reserve officers are utilized throughout the department working within:

  • Gang enforcement
  • Patrol
  • Traffic
  • Other specialized events

Recruitment Opportunity

The Placentia Police Department is continually looking for qualified applicants to supplement the Placentia Police Department through the Reserve Officer Program. Applications for reserve police officers are accepted on a continual basis.