JPI Luxury Apartments

The second development in the City’s Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Zone is under construction. The project site comprises seven adjacent properties located between 505-551 W. Crowther Avenue, directly east of Tyler Lighting on the north side of Crowther Avenue. The site will be home to the second state-of-the-art development within the City’s TOD Zone centered on Crowther Avenue. This particular development will feature 418 residential units and is a mixed-use development, featuring approximately 10,500 square feet of retail-commercial space on the ground floor accessible from Crowther Avenue. 

Similar to “The Herald” development, which recently opened two blocks to the east, this will be a rental community focusing on high-quality, luxury living with resort-style amenities such as a pool, high-end workout facilities, gourmet kitchens, high-quality courtyards with fire pits, barbeques, pet walking areas and more. 

 This development and “The Herald” will help to achieve the City’s goals established for the newly created Transit Oriented Development Zone by fostering sustainable living and mobility by increasing pedestrian and bike-friendly options to access mass transit. 

Future JPI Development

Please contact the Planning Division if you have any questions at (714) 993-8124.