The Finance Department oversees Information Technology and the financial operations of the City through Accounting, Purchasing, and Treasury capacities. The department maintains the financial systems and records of the City in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles as well as applicable laws, regulations, and City policies.

Specific functions include annual financial report preparation, ledger preparation, ledger reconciliation, financial audits, treasury portfolio administration, Financial Audit Oversight Committee support, receipt, custody, and recordation of all revenues, banking services, accounts receivables and payable, issuance and administration of City debt issues; fiscal oversight and administration of assessment district bond issues, centralized purchasing, contract management, and strategic and financial planning support. Also, in conjunction with the Human Resources Division the Finance Department manages the City's self-insurance programs.

The Director of Finance acts as a financial advisor to the City Administrator and is a member of the Labor Relations Negotiating Team.

Fee Schedule

Download the Finance Department's current fee schedule (PDF).