Alta Vista and Rose Drive Development

On June 12, 2018, the Planning Commission approved the development of an +/-8.45 gross acre, unimproved site with an approximately10,500-square foot, single-story commercial retail building and 54 detached single-family homes located on the southeast corner of Alta Vista Street and Rose Drive. The City Council subsequently approved the development and Zoning Code and Specific Plan Amendment at the July 10, 2018 City Council Meeting. This site is the last large remaining undeveloped commercial parcel in the City. Two commercial buildings are intended to be developed on the 1.99-acre lot located at the northwest corner of the project site along Rose Drive and Alta Vista Street.  The cumulative floor area of the commercial buildings will measure approximately 10,420 square feet, which will be broken into a 5,800-square-foot building known as “Shops 1” and a 4,620-square-foot building known as “Shops 2”. Approximately 2,000 square feet of the available building area is dedicated for a coffee shop with a drive-through, and the remaining 8,420 square feet will be allocated to fast-casual restaurants or retail/service commercial uses.  In addition, outdoor dining areas will be provided adjacent to the building storefronts, with a larger dining area to be located within the courtyard. A 95-space parking lot will be located to the south of the buildings that will be accessible by two driveways along Rose Drive and Alta Vista Street.

A project monument feature, including a planter bed, palms, and an obelisk, will be installed at the corner of Rose Drive and Alta Vista Street.  In addition, entry monument signs will be placed at the proposed commercial center entrances along each adjacent street and at the entrance of the residential area along Alta Vista street.

The remainder of the site will be developed with 54 detached, single-family dwellings on a 6.46-acre area, which will result in a density of 8.36 gross dwelling units per acre (10.54 net dwelling units/acre).  The lots will be smaller than the minimum 4,000-square-foot lots prescribed by Chapter 23.107 (Specific Plan 7) of the Placentia Municipal Code (PMC) and the East Placentia Specific Plan design guidelines and development standards. The lots will range between 3,177 and 7,027 square feet.  The proposed residences will be two stories, with three floor plans and six architectural design types. The residences will range from 2,043 to 2,299 square feet and provide between 3 to 4 bedrooms and 2.5 to 3 bathrooms.

The development will provide approximately $1.04 million in one-time development impact fee revenue and approximately $136,333 in annual ongoing revenue. Pursuant to DPR Condition No. 7, the developer has agreed to provide an additional one-time payment in the amount of $250,000 for costs associated with the maintenance and repair of the City’s public park system to be paid 90-days after receiving final entitlement approvals and all appeal periods have passed. In addition to the aforementioned information, additional positive revenue impacts will be associated with permanent and construction job creation.

Project Update

SC Placentia Development has partnered with Shea Homes to construct 54 homes. As of December 2022, Shea Homes has completed construction of all 54 homes. It is anticipated that construction for the commercial portion of the project to commence in the second half of 2023. For information related to the construction schedule, please contact the Development Services Department directly at (714) 993-8124, or contact

SC Development Alta and Rose