Programs and Grants

Promoting Safety Education

Over the last two years, the Traffic Bureau has obtained a number of grants for the Placentia Police Department from the Office of Traffic Safety through the Business, Transportation, and Housing Agency. These grants have provided funds to assist in the enforcement of speeding, red light, and seat belt violations, in addition to supporting educational traffic programs at the local high schools.

Youth Programs

The Speeding and Alcohol Violator Enforcement (SAVE) Program not only targets speeding and alcohol violations but also teaches young drivers about some of the consequences of the following safety hazards:

  • Aggressive driving
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Road rage

Additionally, each high school presents the "Every 15 Minutes" program, which targets junior and senior high students. The program focuses on what happens at a fatal traffic collision when a drunk driver is involved and culminates with a school assembly the following day.

For more information about any of the Placentia Police Department's driver education programs or grants, please contact (714) 993-8164.