Knox Box for Emergency Access 


The Knox Box program provides firefighters access for emergency situations and/or false alarms.

Knox-Box® Rapid Entry System Options:

  • Knox Box: Mounted on buildings to store access keys.
  • Knox Switches: Installed on electrically operated access gates. 
  • Knox Padlocks: Installed on non-electrically operated access gates. 

Please Note: Commercial properties and apartments shall order commercial Knox Boxes. If the product(s) require an electronic connection, it needs to be installed by an approved contractor. 

Online Steps: How to Order Knox-Box Systems

Step 1 – Go to and click “Buy” in the upper right corner.  

Step 2 – Select your location (state/province)

Step 3 – Enter “Placentia Fire & Life Safety Dept.”, Click Search.

Step 4 – Select/Confirm Placentia Fire & Life Safety Dept. to view buying options. 

Step 5 – Select preferred buying option to view and configure your product, then add to cart.

Step 6 – Confirm product installation address, then complete your purchase or continue shopping. 

For online ordering assistance, please contact Knox-Box at (800) 552-5669 or 

Additional Information:

  • Knox-Box Entry Systems cannot be purchased through an unapproved vendor, website, or store. They must be purchased with an e-approval from the Placentia Fire & Life Safety Department (PFLSD) through the Knox-Box official website. Other brands or lock systems will not be accepted. 
  • The Knox-Box product is shipped directly to you. (PFLSD does not install Knox-Boxes.)
  • Please install Knox-Box Entry System as directed by the fire inspector. The inspector will help determine what keys and how many sets of keys will be needed prior to the appointment. If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to contact the fire inspector who performed your inspection. 
  • Once installed, please call PFLSD at 714-993-8135 to schedule an appointment to close your Knox box, install your padlock, or test your gate switch. Knox-boxes shall contain the keys determined by the fire inspector to gain access to the building and each key shall be clearly labeled. The building keys will be checked and put in the Knox-Box during the appointment. 
  • Please contact us if you need to update the keys to your facility for placement into your current Knox Box.
  • PDF Knox-Box Instructions