City Clerk

Maintaining Order

The city clerk is an elected position and, by charter, helps maintain order within the the City government by overseeing the following programs.


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City Council Meetings

The city clerk attends all City Council meetings, unless excused, and directs the taking of official minutes. The clerk then certifies completed minutes and acts as a reference to the City Council regarding information discussed at former meetings.

  1. City Council Proclamations, commendations and presentations can be requested by using this form (PDF). Find more information.

Official City Records

The clerk also ensures that books of all certified minutes, resolutions, ordinances, and other official city documents are maintained. The office maintains copies of all agreements and contracts entered into by the City.

Official Acts

The city clerk administers oaths, certifies documents, acts as custodian of the City Seal, and conducts election activities, for both general and special elections.

View the most recent City Council agenda (PDF) as maintained by the city clerk.