Streetscape and Transportation Advisory Commission 


The Streetscape and Transportation Advisory Commission consists of five (5) regular members serving a term of office for four (4) years each. 

The exact number of Commissioners is currently set at five (5) and is established by City Council ordinance.  All members are appointed by the City Council.


Regular meetings of the Streetscape and Transportation Advisory Commission are held at 6:00 p.m. on the third Monday of every other month (odd months) in City Hall.

Powers and Duties

The duties of the Commission shall consist of acting in an advisory capacity to the City Council to study, review, and make recommendations with regard to:

  • Traffic safety issues, active transportation programs and projects; transportation management including neighborhood traffic and parking management programs, review and consideration of permit parking districts and speed hump installation requests and the overall regulation of vehicle, bicycle, and pedestrian traffic withing the City as described in Title 13 of the Placentia Municipal Code.
  • The removal, planting, replanting or disposition of public trees in the public right of way or on public property. The Commission shall review recommendations regarding appeals of tree removal requests made by individual property owners, neighborhood associations, or developers denied by City Staff. The Commission may make recommendations on designated tree species for specific streets and neighborhoods and shall be incorporated by reference into a future street tree master plan.

Staff Liaison

City Engineer/Traffic Engineer and/or designated staff member(s)