Veterans Advisory Committee


The Veterans Advisory Committee consists of nine(9) regular members who serve until removed or resign. 

All members are appointed by the City Council and serve at the discretion of the Council.


Regular meetings of the Veterans Advisory Committee are held at 4:00 p.m. on the first Monday of each month between April and November.

Powers and Duties

  • Serves in an advisory capacity to the City Council on veterans' affairs matters within the community.
  • Considers veterans' matters submitted by the City Council, staff or public and recommends courses of action where appropriate.
  • Matters considered by the committee's scope include all activities within the purview of the City Council relating to the Veterans Day Program and activities.
  • Committee members are to familiarize themselves with veterans' activities through attendance at local/state/federal veterans' organizations.
  • Committee members need not be veterans to serve on this committee.

Staff Liaison

Director of Community Services and/or designated staff member(s)