Successor Agency (to RDA)

"Successor Agency" Information to the Redevelopment Agency

The Successor Agency

As of February 1, 2012 the Redevelopment Agency (RDA) of the City of Placentia was dissolved by Governor Jerry Brown and the State Legislature.

As part of the Dissolution Act, the City of Placentia designated itself as both the Successor Agency and successor housing agency to the former redevelopment agency to wind down its operations and continue local control over the former assets of the agency.

This webpage will provide information relating to the Successor Agency operations and will post required documents such as the Enforceable Obligation Payment Schedule.

Successor Agency Documents

Please check back frequently to see what documents have been posted to this site.

Recognized Obligation Payment Schedules (ROPS)

* The City reviewed the 10-14-12 Department of Finance Letter moving two items from the RPTTF to the Administrative Allocation and agrees with the reclassification.

Enabling Resolutions

Resolution designating Successor Agency (R-2012-03 (PDF)) Resolution designating Successor Housing Agency (R-2012-04 (PDF))

Letters and Memos to or from Department of Finance

Department of Finance Letter (PDF) Denying Certain ROPS Items 4/27/2012
Appeal Letter (PDF) to Department of Finance on ROPS Denial 5/2/2012
Follow Up Memo (PDF) with Additional Info to DOF 5/21/2012
Housing Asset Report APPROVAL Letter (PDF) 9/5/2012

Property Related Documents

Listing of former Agency-owned properties(PDF)
Placentia Successor Agency Housing Asset Report (PDF) 08/01/12
Amended Housing Asset Report (PDF)(as submitted 5/1/13)

Successor Agency Resolutions

For all resolutions or agenda packages related to Successor Agency items, please check with the City Clerks Office or by calling (714) 993-8231.

Agreed Upon Procedural (AUP) Audit

Completed by Vavrinek, Trine & Day, Co. LLP dated June 7, 2012. View the audit (PDF).

Due Diligence Review

The Successor Agency contracted with the accounting firm of Pun & McGeady to complete the required Due Diligence Reviews. Due to delays to include the State DOF and accounting firms agreeing on procedures and the Successor Agency's inability to contract with a firm to complete the DDRs until October 2012, the Successor Agency did not have final Oversight Board approval until January 23, 2013. The final reports (and amendeded reports) are listed below.

Low and Moderate Income Housing Fund DDR (PDF) (original - 1/7/13)
Low and Moderat Income Housing Fund DDR (PDF) (Amended - 3/7/13) *
Successor Agency (All Other Funds) DDR (PDF) (orginal - 1/7/13)
Successor Agency (All Other Funds) DDR (PDF) (Amended - 3/7/13) * 

* The DDRs were amended at the request of the Successor Agency due to an error discovered in the LMIHF DDR after submittal to the DOF. The original errantly attributed two line items to the LMIHF DDR when they should have been placed within the All Other Funds DDR. On February 21, 2013 the City of Placentia, as the housing successor agency, received the following letter (PDF) from the State DOF listing adjustments to the LMIHF DDR. The City disagreed with these adjustments and filed for a Meet and Confer as allowed by law. Please see the following information regarding this process.

Initial DOF Letter for LMIHF DDR (PDF) (2/21/13)

DOF Revised Letter on LMIHF DDR (PDF) (3/29/13) The Successor Agency worked with the State Department of Finance to resolve the outstanding issues within the DDRs without resorting to litigation. On October 10, 2013 DOF issued the following two letters and the Successor Agency agrees with the final determination of DOF regarding both DDRs.

Successor Agency Contact Information

For more information, please contact the City Administrator regarding the Successor Agency at (714) 993-8117.

Oversight Board of the Successor Agency

Per H&SC Section 34179-34181, an Oversight Board is appointed for the Successor Agency. Seven board members were oringally appointed by their respective jurisdictions and there is currently one vacancy which is due to be appointed by the Board of Supervisors. A roster of the Board Members can be found here (PDF). The Chair is Ed Garcia and the Vice-Chair is James Harman.

A page for the Oversight Board, to inlcude Agendas, can be found online.

All meetings of the Oversight Board will be open to the public and governed by the rules of the Ralph M. Brown Open Meeting Act.