Employee Compensation

The City of Placentia embraces a philosophy of openness and transparency. Therefore, we have provided the compensation of elected officials and staff below.

City Officials

The following table outlines the compensation information for City Officials for Calendar Year 2023:

PositionBase Salary (Annual)Other PayBenefits* PensionTotal Compensation
Council Member$1,800$0$4,800$0$6,600
Council Member$1,800$0$9,867$0$11,667
Council Member$1,800$0$0$0$1,800
Council Member$1,800$0$23,530$0$25,330
Council Member$1,800$0$23,530$0$25,330
City Clerk**$0$0$0$0$0
City Treasurer$600$0$13,829$0$14,429

Placentia City Charter 
*Officials and employees who opt out of participating in an employee health plan receive a per month medical waiver compensation allowance reflected in this column.
**City Clerk is not receiving a stipend or medical benefits. 

Employee Contracts

Please find the employment contracts for the following employees:

City Administrator (PDF) 

Deputy City Administrator (PDF)

Deputy City Administrator (PDF)

Police Chief (PDF)

Fire Chief (PDF)

Director of Community Services (PDF)

Director of Development Services (PDF)

Director of Finance (PDF)

Director of Human Resources (PDF)

 *Officials and employees who opt-out of participating in an employee health plan receive a per month medical waiver compensation allowance reflected in this column.
**The Fire Chief as a fire employee does not receive a pension. Instead, the City contributes 10% of his base salary into a deferred compensation program.
***The contracts and amendments for the City Administrator and Department Directors only reflect the original contract terms and subsequent negotiated amendments. Per these contracts, market-rate adjustments approved for the unrepresented mid-management employees are also awarded to the Directors and City Administrator and may not be reflected in the amendments.  

City Attorney

The City Attorney is paid $9,310 a month for Retainer Services, including attendance at regular City Council and Planning Commission meetings and office hours at City Hall. Additional time expended not covered under Retainer Services costs $207.48 per hour.
City Attorney Contract (PDF)

Employee Salary Schedules

Click here to see the latest employee salary schedule effective July 1, 2023.

Part Time Salary Schedule 2024

Resolution R-2023-91 Pay Schedule Part Time Employees

Comprehensive public pay information is reported to Transparent California on an annual basis for all City Employees: Transparent California

Position Allocation Plan
For additional details concerning organizational structure and the approved allocated positions for the current fiscal year, please access the following documents: Position Allocation Plan for Fiscal Year 2023/24, effective July 1, 2023.