Who We Are

The Placentia Police Department participates as a member of the North County Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT). This organization consists of specially selected, trained, and equipped police officers, detectives, dispatchers, and paramedics who are employed by:

Each city contributes its officers as a smaller team component of the North County SWAT organization, which handles critical incidents occurring in those cities. The North County SWAT team will also aid other communities upon a request for assistance from their local law enforcement agency. There are two medical doctors on staff who contribute their time to respond to training and critical incidents. The doctors and paramedics can render medical attention immediately at the scene if needed.

SWAT Team Next to SWAT VehicleWhat We Do

Our regional team is responsible for responding to critical incidents involving citizen rescue, barricaded suspects, hostages, dangerous warrant service, and dangerous suicidal individuals as well as protecting high-profile persons or dignitaries. The team's dedicated men and women are specifically trained in the fields of high-risk and dynamic entry, hostage rescue, emergency communications, tactical scene management and logistics, crisis negotiation, and emergency medical support.

Our Mission to Provide Aid

The members of the North County SWAT team will be prepared for any critical incident within our ability and will respond to these emergencies 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to save the lives of those who live, work, and pass through our cities. Our goal is to end critical incidents without injury to citizens, suspects, or officers. Therefore, we will strive to maintain the highest quality personnel, training, and equipment available for emergency response.

North County SWAT logo

For more information about the North County SWAT Team, or about Placentia's contribution to the program, please call (714) 993-8101.