Reporting Information Anonymously

Protecting Your Identity

You can report illegal activity or information about a crime without telling the dispatcher your name. However, it is important to remember that you play a significant role as a citizen in assisting police with the successful outcome of a call. If you are willing to provide your information as a victim or witness, the ability of police officers to apprehend and prosecute criminals can be greatly increased.

In some instances, police officers may be unable to make arrests without a witness or victim who is willing to come forward.


Reporting party information is not released on a routine basis to the public and every attempt is made to keep your information confidential. It can be important for us to be able to re-contact you, even if only by telephone, in order for us to obtain additional or updated information regarding a call for service.

Reporting Information

Thank you for your assistance in keeping Placentia a safe community and please report any criminal or suspicious activity by calling appropriate organizations:

  • 9-1-1 - emergency number
  • (714) 993-8164 - 24-hour non-emergency number (business line)
  • (714) 993-8111 - alternate 24-hour emergency number (dispatch)