Technology and Software

Technology has progressed rapidly within public safety.

Text to 9-1-1

Did you know there is a system in place our state offers to public safety agencies that allows individuals to contact emergency services via text message? 

The Text to 9-1-1 system should ONLY be utilized for instances when the informant is not able to speak on the phone. A few examples of when to text 9-1-1 include:

  • Active Shooter incidents
  • Robberies in progress
  • Kidnapping 

The Text to 9-1-1 system is set up with pre-scripted questions and responses. If the system is used, the reporting party will be asked if he/she is able to call 9-1-1 so that necessary information is obtained and relayed to responding field units quickly. If the reporting party is unable to speak to the dispatcher, the dispatcher will continue the communication via text messaging.

Rapid Deploy

Rapid Deploy is a cloud-based tactical 911 mapping system that assists public safety professionals in obtaining the location of wireless callers. This system displays supplemental 911 locations from cell phone emergency data. It also visually compares locations from different sources to efficiently track the location of callers. 

Rapid SOS

Rapid SOS is an emergency response data platform. The software links connected devices to emergency services. The Rapid SOS system receives location and other emergency data from smartphones, apps, and devices like vehicles, wearables, and home security systems, then securely sends the relevant data to 9-1-1 and first responders via software integrations. Some examples of applicable connected devices include: 

  • Cars that detect a crash
  • Wearables, such as a smartwatch, that detect an adverse medical event
  • Home security systems that detect a break-in
  • Soft panic buttons inside mobile apps
  • Remote activation by emergency contacts who are worried about their loved ones’ safety

Apple or Google Enhanced Emergency Data

The Rapid SOS system provides emergency responders with data to assist with processing the call for service. The dispatcher is able to retrieve information about the individual’s primary language, the name and contact information for the caller, medical information, as well as emergency contacts. 

Additional information about the Rapid SOS system is available at