Measure U

In November 2018, Placentia voters overwhelmingly approved Measure U, a 1% sales tax increase to help fund the cost of much needed infrastructure repairs and maintenance as well as public safety and other critical services. Measure U sales tax increase began collection on April 1, 2019. For the first time in many years, the City will be able to fund much needed road and infrastructure repairs. The City Council has allocated a total of $3.2 million in Measure U, SB 1 Gas Tax and Measure M proceeds to continue funding street repairs and maintenance for Fiscal Year 2019-2020. Projects over the next year include repaving more than 1 million square feet of pavement and slurry sealing more than 4.3 million square feet of residential streets and sidewalk/curb improvements. 

Measure U will allow the City to fund services at levels consistent with the community’s priorities and the public’s desired quality of life and would prevent the need for further significant cuts to vital City services and programs. To ensure the Measure U funds are spent accordingly, the Placentia City Council voted unanimously (5-0) to update the Reserve Policy to include guidelines for appropriating new ongoing or one-time unrestricted revenues to be used for specific purposes, as shown in the table below. “New Ongoing Revenues” are defined as a new general tax, an increase in the rate of an existing general tax (such as Measure U), a new lease of City property or other new, clearly identifiable unrestricted revenue source not previously included in the City’s budget at the time of adoption of this policy, which generates at least $100,000 per year in revenue and is expected to continue for at least a period of 20 years.

FINAL Placentias Measure U Logo

Reserve Account

New Ongoing Revenues

New One-time Revenues

Before GF Reserve Target Met

After GF Reserve Target Met

Before GF Reserve Target Met

After GF Reserve Target Met

Infrastructure, Vehicles, and Equipment Reserve





Post-Employment Benefits Sustainability Reserve





Employee Recruitment and Retention Reserve (including additional staff)





General Fund Unassigned Fund Balance





The purpose of these funding allocations is to ensure that the new reserve areas are prioritized on a long-term basis and to ultimately improve the City’s fiscal health. To ensure that the policy is applied consistently by future City administrations and Councils, any modification to this policy requires a super majority or 4/5ths vote of the City Council.

Lastly, Measure U also established an independent Citizens Oversight Committee. The Committee reviews and reports on all Measure U expenditure plans and financial reports to ensure spending is consistent with General Fund Reserve Policy No. 460, as outlined in the above table. The Committee reviewed the FY2019/2020 budget at their first two meetings and have approved that proposed projects are in conformance with the reserve policy. The Citizens Oversight Committee will meet regularly at meetings that are open to the public.

Thank you for your continued support and keep an eye out for the Measure U logo to see Placentia’s tax dollars at work throughout the City.

FY 19-20 Measure U Improvement Projects 

Project NameDescriptionSchedule Budget 
FY 2019-20 Residential Slurry Seal Project

Provides a preventative maintenance treatment known as slurry seal, on more than 4.3 million square feet of residential streets. These streets are in good condition and this preventative maintenance will further extend the life of those streets. The project will be delivered in two phases.

Phase 1 - 1.8 million sq. ft. 

Construction Schedule:       November 2019 -May 2020

Phase 2 - 2.5 million sq. ft. 

Engineering Design: July 2019 - March 2020

Construction Schedule: May 2020 - August 2020

Status: Complete

$1,825,00 - Measure U, Measure M, and SB 1 Funds

FY 2019-20 Arterial Roadway Rehabilitation Project

Completely repaves Bastanchury Road between the Yorba Linda City Limit and Kraemer Boulevard, and the Fullerton City Limit and Placentia Avenue, as well as all of Golden Avenue and Kraemer Boulevard between Bastanchury Road and Golden Avenue.

Engineering Design: July 2019 - March 2020

Start Date: August 2020
End Date: January 2021

Status: Completed
$2,583, 600 – Measure U, Measure M, and SB 1 Funds

Parque del Arroyo Verde Renovation Project

Completely renovates Parque del Arroyo Verde. This includes the renovation of the existing playground as well as adding a new playground, concrete sidewalk repairs, installation of new park furnishings, installation of new park lights, parking lot resurfacing, shade canopies, restroom building improvements and new park trees.

Engineering Design: November 2019 - Winter 2020

Construction Start Date: Spring 2021

$780,000 – Measure U and Development Impact Fees

FY 20-21 Measure U Improvement Projects

Project NameDescriptionScheduleBudget
FY 2020-21 Arterial Roadway Rehab Project

This project will repave more than 2.2 million square feet of arterial/collector streets such as Orangethorpe Avenue, Madison Avenue, Chapman Avenue, Richfield Road and Melrose Street along with several residential streets.  Damaged sidewalk panels and curb and gutter will also be replaced as part of this project.    

Engineering Design:
August 2020 - April 2021

Construction Schedule:
June 2021 - September 2021
$1,875,000 - Measure U, Measure M and SB 1 FUnds 
FY 2020-21 Slurry Seal Project 
This project will provide a preventative maintenance slurry seal on approximately 580,000 square feet of residential and collector streets.
Engineering Design:
August 2020 - April 2021

Construction Schedule:
June 2021 - September 2021
$500,000 - Measure U Funds 


Street Improvements:

Citywide Pavement Maintenance Schedule

Current Slurry Seal Project Area Maps

Summer 2020 Slurry Seal Project Area Map

Summer 2020 Arterial Roadway Rehab Project Area Map

FY 2020-21 Pavement Rehabilitation and Maintenance Project Area Map


Spring 2020 Measure U Update

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (PDF)

Citizens Oversight Committee Agendas

City Council Resolution Placing Measure U on the Ballot (PDF)

General Fund Reserve Policy No.460

Ordinance O-2018-08 (PDF)

Measure U Presentation (PDF)